Thursday, 1 February 2018

Explainer Videos – Helps in Optimizing your Website

We are quite aware of the fact that corporate explainer videos are gaining popularity ever since time constraints have engulfed people who are busy coping with daily schedules. The first video was created in 2007 which had simple graphics and a language which was easy to understand. This video was the first of its kind, so it gained popularity but what about creating one and promoting it in a highly competitive environment.

Nowadays, we can find numerous videos that convey attention grabbing messages in the most innovative manner. As there are designers who come up attractive designs similarly the communication world has explainers to bring forward a promotional idea with help of graphics, animation and thought provoking text and content. But the need of the hour is to optimize it to and help your explainer video get the position it deserves in leading search engines.

Explainer videos once submitted can be analyzed for its efficacy. Here are some out of the box attributes:-

Your submission is never complete unless you have a video thumbnail that will best represent the video in the most interactive manner. Choose a thumbnail that is grabbing.
Make your video concise and try to hook viewers in the first five seconds.
Create video relevant to your niche market with information that sets you apart from others in competition.
Give you Video accurate titles which should be short and to the point.
Influence your customers to comment, like and share your explainer video.
Make sure your video has a Call to Action as the conclusive part of the video.
Try and go deeper into the analysis report of social submissions that you do on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Try to follow the insights.
Compare and make instant changes. Some publishing platforms help you make drastic changes in the most crucial moments.

These optimization suggestions can very well position your website or product that has an explainer video to make business promotion more effective.

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Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Whiteboard Animation – A Distinct Style for Better Acclaim

Whiteboard animation can be defined as one that uses a whiteboard and the simple technique of sketching things out through animation that sets the movement of the palm of an arm that does the sketching and writing. Whiteboard are usually in the combination of white and black and it is one rare occasion or out of requirement of client that color may be used in it. In such a case it should not be called a whiteboard anymore. Whiteboard animations have been gaining acclaim lately with certain features that make them distinct from the rest. Have a look at the essential traits given below:-

Mix Animation Styles
It is so easy to mix different methods of animation in a whiteboard video. While you are doing the sketching part you can add any piece of infographic that could be integrated into a doodle sequence of cartoon drawings, allowing you to not just draw the viewer’s attention, but also to convey lots of diverse information in different ways.

Descriptive in Nature
Do you need to add a lot but want it in a video? Whiteboard animation is one that provides ample opportunities to describe the topic in details and present with detailed infographic that goes in beautifully when merged together in whiteboard animation. Since whiteboard reminds of school and learning institutes therefore it becomes quite logical to have details which can be animated and presented accordingly.

Explain Intangible Products and Services
A video is not just about the things you cannot explain otherwise but also for things that are not visual for instance a service offering by a leading conglomerate. By conjuring up a set of images to explain a process or service, this medium can make things far easier to understand. It is because of this that many virtual service start-ups use whiteboard animation to explain their offer.
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Thursday, 4 January 2018

Explainer Video Ideas that Work for You

Video surveys are informative and give us lot of inputs on how the market works with videos. 85% of businesses now have internal staff and resources to produce in-house videos. Survey records that most of the high tech and manufacturing industries stress on publishing corporate explainer videos.

Knowing about these facts which we were not aware off, until it was shared, makes it evident as to what lies behind the many marketing surveys done to assess the success of a promotional program. It is the fact that any explainer video with a grabbing content should be shared most often to get maximum viewer attention.

Audience Engagement

It is the audience engagement that matters! Your sales efforts can reach its height of success by keeping your audience engaged. There is a little nugget of wisdom that can help in getting the most out of promotional efforts and it is the use of video marketing as one medium to achieve higher returns. But there lies a question and we all want a satisfactory answer to go with it- How to gain the most out of corporate promotional videos?

Video Clippings Can Work

Use Video clippings that will say more in less time. Such videos have a unique combination of heavy graphics, texts and short videos to innumerate company features and give insight on the internal working of the company. Clip videos can be used to showcase an event and can be created during early stages of a product release.

Storyline for Videos

It is fine you know the product and the technique to very well showcase it in the video but do you have a story with it. You need to understand that viewers like to get inspired. It can be done through a story that aligns well with the product and actually discusses a problem and how the product stands as the solution. Use something that touches the heart of your audience.

Silver Bazel is into giving your product an identity of its own and portraying it in well deserved manner through promotional video creation. The company and its team work after doing extensive research on the product and bring forward the unique traits. The video uses graphics, animation and impactful text. To know more or watch some of the videos visit at or call at (+91) 8881 380 380 or email at .

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Explainer Videos for Business Growth - Create One Today

We have experts talking about best explainer videos and agreeing to the fact that Explainer videos grab much of the attention if the sales pitch explains the essentials of the company product and its services. The basic aspect that we can relate to is the ‘Power to Explain’. How to explain? Explanation can be in long paragraphs that describe your company and the service it caters to but this is something websites no longer have and neither are they interested. Webmasters need something which is visually attractive, interesting and well explained in the most thoughtful manner.

There has to be something relevant in the form of a storyline and also the voice over that interacts with the audience and helps them make decisions. Scripts are the foundation and it should have elements that clearly explain the company’s effort and motive behind introducing their value added product and how the audience will benefit out of it. It is the crux of an explainer video without which animated explainer video creation becomes a simple waste of time. Incorporate a voice over script and add much needed edge to your video.

The next few lines explain in detail on how explainer videos looks into the customers point of view before taking the first step towards video creation. Facts reveal that explainer videos takes into account the problems faced by the customer who will actually be enjoying the benefit of the product and how it can be the possible solutions to all their worries. Video marketing help in emphasizing the sales pitch and actually relate to the customer’s problem. In this way explainer videos in Delhi NCR serve as the best B2C solution that promoted your company services to the right channel.

Corporate Explainer videos are best problem solvers to create a benchmark that is needed for your sales pitch and to make it possible you need the ideal explainer video in Delhi NCR. Silver Bazel is the ideal choice and is an explainer video company based in Noida, the technical hub.

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Friday, 22 December 2017

Explainer Videos Can Optimize Your Website

Explainer videos are gaining much needed acclaim and did you know that an explainer video can leave a higher level of impact than usual textual material? A video thumbnail added to your webpage leads the audience to an interactive world where they can witness engaging content supported by a storyline, typography and animated transitions.

 To clearly elaborate this point, we can take an example of a website with usual content with all efforts made to work on its optimization. The ranking of the website is not good and the website is also witnessing a high bounce rate which means that there are visitors to the website but they are leaving without any activity. This is mainly because of the reason that website viewers do not like textual jargon and wants something which is more grasping and concise in nature. An explainer video therefore fulfill this very need by presenting text in the form of info graphic and a storyline that has lot of animation in it.

People are busy with hardly any time for recreation and reading something they are not connected to, are regarded as waste of time but with explainer videos you can see a change of outlook. Recent studies reveal that websites with video are 50 times more likely to be ranked on Google's first page. This clearly indicates that people prefer to watch video on product features rather than reading its description. The best part will be to optimize the website with a video and this in turn, will have more views for the explainer videos uploaded in the website.

 Optimization with Videos

• Use of Video Thumbnails
• Keeping it Short and reaching out to the ‘Call to Action’ section.
• Catchy titles to your video • Creating keyword enriched description
• Social Sharing

Explainer Video is really impactful and if you are thinking of getting one for your website or about choosing the right video creation partner, then Silver Bazel is the one ideally suited for your website. You can have an explainer video with a storyline and the company motto used in sales pitches to make it highly appealing and more engaging. To know more on Silver Bazel e-mail at and to get an explainer video for your company visit or call at +91 8881 380 380.

Monday, 18 December 2017

Explainer Videos Can Boost Up Conversions

It is right in front you- The power of visual recall. Companies take every possible measure to promote their business and are now using videos to their rescue. A successful landing page should target not only your desired customer, but also indicate a specific action they should perform to lead them further into your campaign or sales funnel.

Conversion matters with videos contributing 25% more conversion rate than any other medium. You can create an impactful video with the best features of your product highlighted in the most appealing manner. This can be done through both motion graphics animation and info graphic. These can be done in the most tactful manner so as to promote business and bring you leads. You can make the CTA call for more business to you by adding stuff like ‘subscribe’, ‘Sign In’ and ‘e-mail’ to the video.

Video creation services is one proven technique for lead generation and better marketing with brand promotion. Get into the habit of going deeper into things before accepting the reality which can be superficial at times. Going viral with just uploading explainer videos and promotion materials is not enough.

Sharing on social media like Facebook post that you make does not end the story there itself. The image or video posting get visibility and also get likes and shares. But there is more to it, which leads you to the insights page where you can get the status of where your video stands and how it is doing after going viral. You can check for views coming for the video, country from where we can see maximum visitors to the video and other actionable statistics and keep changing depending on the number of views and likes. Uploading your explainer video in Facebook business page or creating a YouTube channel is therefore, the key determinant towards making a video popular so as to generate higher returns.

Explainer Videos are the ideal options today to get maximum clicks to the company website of your business. Whether a startup or established business, explainer video are must for effective brand promotion. Silver Bazel is into creating captivating explainer videos that targets your potential market. Have something to ask?  E-mail at Contact +91 8881 380 380 to get an instant quote today. 

Friday, 15 December 2017

Explainer Videos – A Channel Leading to Business Promotion

Making YouTube videos is no longer meant for just to kill the time by listening and watching videos of interest but for some it is serious business. It is meant for all those creative people who can add their work content material in portfolio videos, business explainer videos, corporate business profiles and explainer videos on hobbies, health videos, cookery, beauty tips and many more. Experts reveal- “YouTube averages 4 billion hits each day, and 61% of B2B marketers leverage YouTube to extend the reach of their messaging and brands.” YouTube garners content marketing in the most prolific manner. But still it is an untapped channel and this provides us with unique opportunity to explore and create. 

Not only is YouTube one of the most popular websites of the decade for web video, it’s also a powerful social network and an effective way to showcase brands and demonstrate product and its content. Many businesses now include short corporate explainer videos on their home pages to help consumers learn about them quickly. Here are some of the various different video production types that can help explain your business.

With the acquisition of YouTube by Google in 2006, the world gets familiar with the fact, that Google loves visual storytelling through a compelling video. Google adds corporate explainer videos into the search results and therefore adding one to your website will only increase its standing and will rank well in Google. This will, in turn drive traffic to your corporate video and likewise to your business page in Facebook and also to your website. 

Silver Bazel, video and animation does brand promotion through the use of motion graphics and textual animations. Now you can interact with customers and also explain your point quite playfully yet to the point with great effects so that users find it amusing to watch. The company does animated video production keeping in mind every intricacy as per client requirement and also keeping it short with necessary elements like ‘Call to Action’ and contact information. For additional info either browse the website or call at 8881 380 380 for detailed insights.

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